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There is growing frustration in the LA Community that Ora (Organization for the resolution of Agunot) and the RCC (Rabbinical Council of California), are complicit in Lonna Kin Ralbag's campaign of pretending to be an Aguna. The purpose of this blogger is to expose the true facts on this case and in no way minimize the plight of TRUE AGUNOTH. Lets begin with the definition of an Agunah. This is a woman who is halachacally chained to her husband and cannot remarry. Our sages have been very clear as to what constitutes such a case. For example, a man lost at sea, or taken prisoner in battle with no evidence whether he's alive or dead, or a man who refuses to EVER grant his wife a Get would render her an Agunah. Women who refuse to accept a GET are not considered an Agunah.
Meir Kin clearly does not fall into the above categories. He's obviously not lost at sea, nor taken prisoner. Furthermore, he wants nothing more than to be finished with Lonna Kin Ralbag in every way.To that end, after years of fruitless negotiations and her shenanigans(which will be discussed below),Meir deposited a Get in Lonna Kin Ralbag's hometown of Monsey, Ny, in March 2008. see link: or Why then is Lonna Kin Ralbag feigning to be an Agunah? Perhaps she doesn't really want to be divorced!
This is actually a documented phenomenom which is growing. According to a recent Haaretz and Jpost article about Divorce in Israel, the articles state....
"The total number of active Aguna cases remains steady at 180; the total number of cases of women refusing to accept a written Get as a strategy to secure improved financial and visitation terms from the husband (Agun, the male equivlent of an Aguna), rose to at least 201 indentified cases. This marks the fourth consecutive year that cases of women refusing to accept a written Get as a financial strategy exceeded the number of women denied a Get by the husband. You can read more about this at:

Lets look at who Lonna Kin Ralbag really is. This is a woman who filed for Divorce in NY SupremeCourt in 2004, litigated extensively for 2 years,costing Meir alone over $100,000 in Legal fees and then dismissed the matter. SEE THIS LINK WHICH PUBLISHED A LETTER FROM RESPECTED RABBIS PROHIBITING USING THE CIVIL COURTS WHICH LONNA KIN RALBAG USED IMMEDIATELY:
This is also a woman who sought action simultaneously in the NY Family Court and obtained a Gag-Order to legally prevent him from speaking the truth before any Bais Din, where orthodox Jews are supposed to arbitrate their Divorce. (please see this link where you will find a thorough history and material evidence ) So while she claims that she wants to go to Bais Din, she continues to make a Din-Torah impossible by virtue of perpetuating the Gag-Order. What does she have to hide from the Rabbis with this Gag-Order?
After Lonna Kin Ralbag dismissed her NyDivorce petition, Meir moved to California and filed for a "status only" Divorce, which means that he just wanted a "paper Divorce' with no monetary settlement. Such a Divorce could be granted in 1 day, however she chose to contest it and dragged it out for over 1 year.
When she contested the action, she asked for Annulment rather than divorce -- this,despite the fact that she herself originally filed for Divorce in Ny and NOT anullment. At the conclusion of another lengthy trial in La Superior Court, her wish was granted and the Judge ruled for Anullment. She then appealed the decision but has lost the Appeal!! In the midst of all this,since a Din-Torah was impossible because of the Gag -Order, Meir agreed to enter mediation in the Summer of 2009. 7 months into the process, the mediator acknowleges that Meir has offered a number of significant concessions, while Lonna remains obstinate in her aggressive stance. In fact, she has escalated the aggression by enlisting Mr Allan (Shlomo) Phillipson of Monsey, Ny, to make threats to Meir in recorded phone conversations and email. (AN AUDIO LINK OF THIS THREAT IS EMBEDDED BELOW) Additionally she has used her political muscle of her cousin aryeh ralbag to have the RCC Bais Din defame Meir Kin by falsely listing him as a recalcitrant husband after he left her a GET at a Bais Din in Monsey, Ny. see http//
Clearly, this is not the behavior of a person who wants to be divorced. Rather than being an Agunah, Lonna Kin Ralbag's actions show that she in fact wants to chain Meir!!!!


  1. what a shame that this phony fake is ruining it for the "real" Agunas out there.

  2. That's insane! By perpetuating this supposed agunah status, both Lonna & the organizations backing her (ORA etc.) are really taking advantage of the LA Community, making people so concerned when really the whole thing is a sham! This could actually be considered stealing under Jewish law, because they are stealing the intentions & the time of people who work & rally for "agunahs" & don't know any better.

  3. OMG I know who this woman is Shes such a bitch I so believe this about her and Guess what she was married before too and shes fighting with her 1st x too and now my brothers going thru something like this where his wife is using every dirty trick in the book to hurt the sweetest guy ever!
    I recently came back from my year in Israel and I met a real aguna there and I agree - these women are spoilt brats who use tears to fool everybody.

  4. It must be that the the jewish feminazis are using lonna as their "poster child". Maybe if ORA doesnt succeed with flyers, they can put her picture on cartons of milk!

  5. zev from rockland countyJuly 17, 2009 at 5:21 PM

    why dont you let her have a get already, she is such a sweet woman, and beautiful, and would make a man so happy.

  6. herschel the schlechter - the godol hador of yuJuly 30, 2009 at 7:10 PM

    to zev: she is mezaneh anyway so what does she need a get for anyway? mayim genuvim mesukim for you anyway.

    do you realize this marsha'as has been megan herself? She went to arko'oys and is hence the din of the rema is mefurash 'ain nizkokkin la" she has no access to any bais din anywhere - except to the phony BDA of george schwartz the zoken mamreih of chicago and his segan willig and the great prof broyde.

    anyway, no jew is allowed to marry her and live under the same roof as her so if you wish to be mezaneh with her at least do it in the park, as you are not allowed to be under the same roof as her.

  7. Please see my blog at

    This is what happens when one gives a Get without any preconditions!

    Anyone that thinks they can help me, please let me know!

  8. She's an evil woman.

  9. This woman is a despicable violator of Torah Law as she used the civil courts when she was not allowed to by Halacha. see the following link from Rabbi karelitz and others in Israel:
    that forbid going to the courts especially if a Bais din did not hear BOTH SIDES. in this case where she had him GAGGED it was virtually impossible to hear his side of the story in completeness. Therefore NO GET SHOULD BE GIVEN TO HER UNLESS HE IS COMPENSATED FAIRLY!!!

  10. To Herschel above: I saw her hang out with her buddy from Rodeo Realty Mr Philipson on several occasions!!!

  11. to zvi (if he exsist) and meir kin - the innovator of this pieces of shmutz :
    i shlomo philipson am the owner of rodeo realty
    and yes - i speak frequently with mrs kin. if you have any problem with that you are wellcome to call me at the office , but i guess that the prost meir kin told you to put this on his disgusting web page run by him and his goyeshe buddy luke and this comment will never be put on this website but the main thing is that you read it and even if you think you can hide by writing anonymus rechilus as you are just a bunch ow lowlife cowards afraid to show your names,you shall know that your rechilus will nvever be forgotton - not in this world and not in olam ho'emes. shame on you.

  12. Regarding Shlomo Phillipsons comment above, I find this very suspicious. I as a Rabbi have dealt with divorces before, and when I see a man fighting for a woman the way Shlomo Philipson does, it is suspect that "there is more involvement between the two". I dont understand how a person after reading the facts listed here and at luke ford, can still bash Mr kin!! At the very least, one should remain neutral!

  13. Interestingly, Philipson does not dispute anything written here... Probably that's because he can't, so he just resorts to threats instead. Mr. Philipson, by acting this way you're helping Meir's position, not Lonna's.

    February 2, 2010 7:32 PM

  14. One shouldn't trust anyone defending Lonna Kin, they are surely sleeping with her as that is her MO to get what she wants in life. Maybe she learned this from her pal Elkie Hoffman? These 2 seem to love the spotlight and the abuse they can dish out.

    February 17, 2010 9:42 AM


  16. whoever wants to read shlomo philipson's latest threat, go to where it is posted.

  17. Maybe we should make Lonna pay a hefty fine like the Israeli Rabbinate did to this woman. see:

  18. There is nothing new about fake Agunot, false Gittin, women in America filing false abuse charges. Etc. Etc. Jewish women are no different than the single mothers Ann Coulter discusses. For more info, watch the following and read the book.

    Video #1:
    Video #2:
    Video #3:
    Video #4:
    Video #5:
    Video #6:
    Video #7:
    Video #8:
    Video #9:
    Video #10:

    Tatty, I Have a Lawyer

  19. this proves that it was LONNA that started the Civil action. She states on that it Mier was the Plaintiff.

    WebCivil Supreme - Case Detail

    Court: Rockland Civil Supreme
    Index Number: 008351/2004
    Case Name: KIN, LONNA vs. KIN, ISRAEL MEIR
    Case Type: Contested Matrimonial
    Track: Standard
    RJI Filed: 12/14/2004
    Date NOI Due:
    NOI Filed:
    Disposition Date: 01/08/2007
    Calendar Number:
    Jury Status:
    Justice Name: WILLIAM E. SHERWOOD

    Attorney/Firm For Plaintiff:
    MALLOW, KONSTAM & HAGER Attorney Type: Attorney Of Record Atty. Status: Active
    321 BROADWAY, 5TH FL.
    NEW YORK, NY 10007

    Attorney/Firm For Defendant:
    JAMES J. SEXTON, ESQ. Attorney Type: Attorney Of Record Atty. Status: Inactive Inactive Date: 10/10/2006
    NEW CITY, NY 10956

    ROBERT S. LEWIS, ESQ. Attorney Type: Attorney Of Record Atty. Status: Active
    NYACK, N.Y. 10960

  20. My X got her GET right away. And I got screwed in bais din. We have both since been remarried and my financial situation is so bad I can barley pay child support. There is a case to be made for holding back a GET. If you are interested me proving I am not making this up, email me.

  21. Are you listed on The Agunah Page or on The Recalcitrant Husband Page? See the complete listing at the website of: Read all about the true definition of an Agunah and Recalcitrant Husband.

  22. First, Meir Kin is allowed to take a second wife for many reasons. He divorced his first wife (civilly) and deposited a GET at a Beit Din. His requests for money is for the damages his wife caused which is reasonable. Ten years of civil divorce litigation, slander, accusation, and more would easily cost $500,000 or more. This is not extortion, but just paying for damage, See Talmud Baba Kama. For Meir Kin to want to choose his own Beth Din is also perfectly legitimate. A Nitva (respondent) has the right to choose his own Beth Din. Whether or not Meir Kin has a Heter Meah Rabbanim (permission from 100 Rabbis) does not really matter that much as the Takanah (ruling) of Rabbi Gershon ran out in 1976 because a Takanah is law for only a thousand years. To read more about this go to:

  23. An outsider probably has no real right to comment on a system that they don't understand-but it makes me sad to hear so many people in the community attacking rather than really listening. I mean that on both sides. There are few things that make people act more viscious than divorce, custody, and money. When a war is over at least the weapons can be put down.

  24. This videos are not unavailable.

  25. I was passing in front of a simcha hall in Borough Park recently when I noticed two groups of Jews protesting outside. 'That's strange' I thought, wanting to get a closer look. It turns out there was a wedding going on inside. Now I'm really curious, I mean like who would protest a wedding? Was this like in the other religion where they announce 'Speak now or forever hold your peace?'
    No, it was the Organization for the Resolution of Agunot, protesting a family member who happened to be attending that chasuna. They were holding signs and shouting 'Meir Kin give a get.' The counter-protesters were also holding signs, one of which read 'Lonna Kin, Stop Lying, Go Pick Up Your Get!'
    Now how gross was that for these people to be rabble rousing at someone else's wedding, based on a lie no less??
    Shame on Lonna and ORA!

  26. I don't know enough to comment either way. I can say with certainty that anything involving shlomo Allan Philipson involves lies as he cannot help himself at 78. He lied to his late wife for nearly 50 years (would upset his children if they found out here), he lied to 2 finances, he lied to many people to whom he wrote fraudulent checks, and on and on. He tried going to mekkubalim that his son pays. They don't know he's a lier, so 1., they are not true fortune tellers, 2., their advice is not helpful by definition of not having the actual facts. How do I know all this? Bc I was always one step ahead. I saw thru it on day one, and beat him at his own game. For all non-master actors, stay away. For his kids, get him help.